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Ouroboros Rock Crystal Seal in 15ct feat. Lion Rampant

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This is a mighty fine example of a late Georgian / early Victorian seal. Seriously, it's like a game of 1830s bingo. Let's play a round together:

✓ The intaglio features a lion rampant and broken spear, with the initials we make to be EAT, which we can trace back to the Tomkins family of Buckenhill in Herefordshire.

✓ Crowned by 4 ouroboros serpents.

✓ The stone (a rock crystal) is a beautiful example of foil backing, typical of the period.

✓ Detailing on the domed top means this piece is ready to be admired from literally all angles.

✓ Cased in rich, 15ct gold, in brilliant condition.

✓ This is a weighty piece, and sits beautifully on any chain length.

This piece has been loved by its original owners, as evidenced by a residual trace of deep red sealing wax in the initials. There are minor imperfections, notably a small chip to the top right of the stone (visible in photos), and a small amount of the gold casing wearing away on the jump ring (not visible when worn, and the good news here is that it comes with its original jump ring, which is in itself a find). 

Material: 15ct yellow gold cased (cased = a thick layer of yellow gold over a base metal)

Weight: 12.7g

Dimensions: Length to (not inc bale) 29mm; Length (inc bale) approx 37mm; width at base 18mm; depth 16mm.