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Victorian Silver & Antique Old Cut Paste Crescent Pendant

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A perfect, tight crescent with sparkling old cut paste and closed back.

Antique paste is a leaded glass. Lead was added to increase the refractive index of the gemstone which in  terms means that it's much more sparkly than simple 'glass'.

And boy does this baby sparkle! This is your chance to have all the bling of the diamond and gold counterpart for a mere fraction of the buck.

The natural tone variation of the stones varies from pale yellow to colourless, which adds depth to this pretty piece.

Offered in very good antique condition, we have added a stationary bale so you can enjoy this former brooch as a pendant.

Materials: sterling silver, paste

Weight: 3.5g

Dimensions: 22mm long, 19mm wide, 5.5mm deep