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Vibrant Purple Sapphire Chain Ring

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This sapphire is the bees knees - at first glance purple, but with flashes of blue and definite pink, too. 

The gemmology part: blue sapphires are coloured by titanium and iron present in their structure. Purple sapphires can be coloured by Vanadium, but this particular example has been coloured by Chromium (the same element that gives red colour to rubies). We can ascertain this by the bright red fluorescence of the stone under LWUV (a video is included for the curious!). 

In short: this is a superbly interesting and unique stone, in an old favourite, the cushion cut.

As ever, the setting has been handmade to fit the stone which is expertly set. The chain is antique and is hallmarked to each link.

The gold is antique yellow, which carries a warmth unlike modern yellow gold.

Material: 9ct gold, 1.1 carat sapphire

Weight: 5.03g

Size: Fits a UK Size M / US Size 6.5 (it sits between K/5.5 & L/6 on a madrel, but these rings size large). Can be made larger or smaller at no additional charge using extra links.