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The Piece London

Versatile Vintage Trapezoid Carabiner Connector / Charm Holder

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This vintage connector pendant is an all-singing, all-dancing, piece that can be used in a multitude of ways.

It can hang as a pendant by itself, charms or pendants can be suspending from it, and it can extend a shorter chain by fastening it to either side. Dating to 1978 it is a substantial piece of jewellery, formed from 8.14g of solid 9ct gold.

The ribbed element slides up and down with help of an interior spring mechanism, allowing you to slide on pendants, charms, or even solid rings at the end of existing chains. Dog clips can be directly clipped to the sides of the delightful trapezoid shape.

Please read dimensions below before purchasing to make sure that this hefty piece is right for your collection.

There is a stationary ring to the top of this piece. If you would prefer we can remove this at no extra charge, which would allow pieces with an internal diameter of 2.8mm and up to move around the exterior of the piece.

Material: 9ct yellow gold

Weight: 8.14g

Dimensions: 42mm / 1⅝" tall, 19mm / ¾" at widest point, 2.7mm thick (at the thinnest) 3.7mm thick (at the widest - the sliding mechanism)