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Bold Star Sapphire Chain Ring

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Featuring a natural star sapphire, this ring has celestial undertones thanks to its deep blue tones and strikingly strong asterism.

Asterism refers to the six-rayed star which star sapphires display, which smoothly moves across the surface of the stone as the angle of light changes. The effect is caused by rutile inclusions within the stone running across each other at three very specific angles. A masterpiece of nature!

As ever, the setting has been handmade to fit the stone which is expertly set. The chain is antique and is hallmarked to each link.

The gold is antique, and carries a warmth that places it in the ambiguous not quite yellow - not quite rose category. The warm undertones really bring out the blue of this sapphire and the pair are a match made in heaven.

The ring can be resized free of charge, please contact us in advance of purchase to ensure your desired size is achievable.

Materials: 9ct gold, natural sapphire 

Weight: 7.3g

Size: UK O / US 7

Other dimensions: width of chain 6mm, width of stone and setting 10 x 9mm