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Solid Gold Antique Shield Locket

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This solid gold locket dates to c1890 and is modelled from a warm toned gold, ornately detailed with forget-me-not flowers, ivy leaves and a further shield with the interwoven initials of CM or MC.

As always is the case with those beloved Victorians, this piece is rife with symbolism. Shields represent protection of a loved one, ivy represents everlasting devotion and forget-me-nots true love and devotion.

It is quite safe to assume that this piece was originally as a not-so-subtle gift between a loving couple. 

This locket is in fair antique condition with a number of dings to the reverse as pictured. The hinges and closing mechanism are still in excellent working order. The jump ring is a more modern addition and has a 5.5mm diameter.

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Material: 9ct warm-toned gold

Weight: 4g 

Dimensions: Length 22mm, width 17mm