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Romantic Moonstone and Sapphire Festoon Necklace

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Lovers of moonstone will find it hard not to fall for this deeply romantic moonstone and sapphire festoon necklace, dating to C1910.

Moonstone is revered for its unique optical quality: adularesence aka sheen or schiller. The most prized moonstones have a blue adularesence which is what these stones exibit - so blue as to border on purple. They are magnificent.

There is one small, natural, sapphire to the centre of the piece - we like to think its tiny size is testament to just how little the moonstones need a supporting act. The chain itself is a dainty fetter (or paperclip) link and a lovely detail.

We believe all parts to be original. Offered in very good condition with some minor dents to the long fetter links.

Note: the blue adularescence is easily seen in daylight and indoor light (as per videos) but is harder to capture in photographs.

Material: 9ct gold, moonstone, sapphire

Weight: 8.64g

Length: 16.5" long

Other dimensions: Moonstones are different sizes but symmetrically matched very well. Centre stone 13.3x11.8mm, round stones at top have diameter of 8.3mm (large) and 5.5 (small)