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Radiant 18ct Antique Pendant

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Formerly the centrepiece of a brooch, this opulent disk of 18ct yellow gold has been beautifully constructed using a suite of techniques from the mid-late Victorian period in the Etruscan Revival style C. 1880

The result is this ornate pendant with detailed gold work which cannot fail to draw the eye. Also remarkable is the beautiful matte finish to the gold, which causes an intriguing glow.

As is often the case with high quality antique pieces, the back has also benefitted to this high attention to detail, so much so that this piece could be worn either way.

Absolutely perfect for lovers of gold looking to add an indulgent note to their jewellery box.

Offered in excellent antique condition.

Material: 18ct gold (electronically / XRF tested)

Weight: 3.89g

Dimensions: 21.3mm diameter, 5.2mm max depth. Jump ring has a generous 6mm width.