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Ornate 18ct Fancy Link Watch Chain with Dog Clasp & Bolt Ring

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Now, a good fancy link gets one a bit hot under the collar at the best of times, but this example deserves its very own 'ultra-fancy' category because it is not only fabulously ornamental, but modelled in 18ct yellow gold, and furnished at either end with a dog clip and bolt ring.

The condition of the entire piece is excellent.

We date this piece to the early 20th Century, showing influence from the flowing structure of art nouveau design, and further suspect it could be continental in origin. However, as this piece is not marked we cannot be certain as to its provenance. It has been electronically tested and confirmed as solid 18ct gold.

Offered in excellent antique condition.

Material: 18ct yellow gold

Weight: 11.65g

Dimensions: 15.25" / 39cm long

Other dimensions: bolt ring 9.6mm wide, chain max 4.7mm wide