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Natural Boulder Opal Pendant & 18ct Chain

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Opal lovers will not want to miss this stunning natural boulder opal pendant & chain. Boulder opals are highly desired for their intense colouration and this example is no exception, displaying deep blue to green tones.

Boulder opal forms within a rock called 'ironstone', and they occur when silica rich water trickles through cracks and crevices in the ironstone, settling and depositing the silica which over time becomes opal. The reverse of this pendant shows the natural ironstone backing, as well as a seam of opal which shows us that this is an entirely natural stone.

The opal is flawlessly and protectively set in a bezel of 18ct gold and suspended on the daintiest of byzantine chains (also in 18ct, made by chain masters UnoAErre).

Offered in excellent condition.

Materials: boulder opal, 18ct gold

Weight: 4.08g

Length: 17.5"

Other dimensions: 

pendant is 14.1mm x 9.6mm