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Incredible 14ct Multi Gemstone Necklace

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If there's something we love more than anything else, it's a multi-gem necklace, and this one doesn't disappoint.

An eclectic range of gemstones feature in this piece, each wonderfully cut in fancy styles, set off with a flourish by the central peridot and colourless sapphire drop.

The stones are all of natural origin and include:

2 peridot, totalling approx 4.25 carats

3 Iolite, totalling approx 4.44 carats

1 Heliodore (yellow beryl) totalling approx 1.35 carats

1 pale blue sapphire, totalling approx 1 carat

1 colourless / white sapphire, totalling approx 1 carat

Made in Italy from 14ct gold, the craftmanship and the quality of the stones is clear from all angles, making this an exceptionally unique and versatile piece.

Materials: 14ct gold and gemstones as detailed above

Weight: 13.95g

Length: 55cm / 21.75" long