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Impressive Boulder Opal Ring in 15ct Gold

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This stunning example of a boulder opal, coming in at approx 7.25 carats, was formerly a bar brooch which we have formed into a ring (using the original detailed 15ct gold setting).

Opals are formed when water runs through seams in the earth, through sandstone, sand picks up silca en route. This water slowly settles in cracks and crevices beneath the earth, and forms a semi-orderly structure formed of microscopic spheres, which create the effect we call 'play of colour'.

Boulder opals show off these magnificent stones in their natural environment: the boulder (typically ironstone) around which they formed.

This stone is very special, showing remarkable play of colour even in dimmer light settings, and displaying deep ochre oranges, yellows, greens, purples & reds.

Held aloft in its original claw setting, it is in very good condition, with minor scratches across the surface. Opals are a soft & porous stone, and this ring is best suited to wearing on occasions where it can be protected from heavy bangs, scratches or knocks.

Material: 15ct gold, opal

Weight: 5.68g

Size: UK O / US 7. This ring can be sized down, but not up.

Other dimensions: pal is 15.8x15.8mm, and the depth of the ring is 9.7mm