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Hefty Antique Bracelet With Heart Padlock

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Let's go right ahead and get it out there: this bracelet checks in at 35.1g.

If you like to feel the weight of the gold you're wearing whilst still being, you know, physically able to do stuff, you won't do much better than this.

Antique and fully hallmarked for 1904, this bracelet is yellow in tone with the slightest hint of warmth.

Almost every link is hallmarked, and the hallmarks on the links include the date and makers mark, which is somewhat unusual.

The padlock is original to the chain, which we can be confident in due to the matching makers and date marks. It is likely that the safety chain has been added later, as the padlock is not attached to the safety.

This piece is in excellent antique condition.

Materials: 9ct yellow gold, fully hallmarked

Weight: 35.1g

Length: 20cm / approx 8 inches

Sizeable: We can size down this bracelet at a cost of £15, to be invoiced separately