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The Piece London

Versatile Graduated Albert Chain

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This piece is the ultimate in dress-up / dress-down versatility. The slinky, weighty and tactile graduated curb chain can be worn as a choker or a collarbone skimming necklace. You can clip on charms to the jump ring or the dog clip, or wear the chunkier links to the front or the back. You know the drill.

The chain is modelled in 9ct rose gold and dates to 1878-88. There are signs of wear on some of the curb links, but this piece still has her best years ahead of her. The dog clip is in perfect working order.

Want to hear something super special? This utter dreamboat has no fewer than 145 hallmarks. Verging on the ostentatious, just how we like it.

Material: 9ct rose gold, solid

Length: 17" / 48cm

Weight: 20g

Hallmarks: Hallmarked extensively. Dates to 1878-88.