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Georgian Ouroboros Pyrope Garnet & Pearl Ring


The ouroboros symbolises death and rebirth, and the Georgians commonly used it in their revered mourning jewellery. This ring would likely have once held a lock of hair in place of where a faceted pyrope garnet now sits, and worn as a reminder of a loved one lost.

We love the detail on this snake, from his scales to open mouth.

As often happened the lock of hair has been replaced by a gemstone (in this case a pyrope garnet), and it is likely that this conversion would have taken place in the 19th century. Seed pearls - all of which seem original to the piece - border the garnet.

This ring makes quite the statement on the hand thanks to its large size, and is a wonderful piece of history to be worn and enjoyed with care.

Offered in very good antique condition - there is evidence of cemement (possibly from the addition of the garnet to replace hair) along the sides of this piece, as pictured.

Materials: 9ct gold, seed pearls, pyrope garnet

Weight: 6.3g

Size: Fits a UK Q / US 8

Other dimensions: head of ring is 21.5mm long, 19.9mm wide, 7.8mm tall