The Piece London

Fierce Jabot Pin / Pendant

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Swords have to be one of the most feisty motifs in antique jewellery - and this fiery opal number does not disappoint.

Formed from 9ct rose gold, the tip of the sword can detach allowing the piece to be worn as a brooch. You can also suspend it through a chain and wear it horizontally.

The rose gold against the lively opals and angular shape of the sword is such a wonderful combination: this is a wonderful piece.

This piece does have some signs of wear - two of the opals are cracked - though thankfully they are the smaller ones and you can't see this unless you view the piece with a loupe.

Material: opals and 9ct rose gold

Weight: 4.39g

Dimensions: 74.6mm long, 20mm wide at hilt