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Fancy Link Antique Bracelet

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This is a 'love at first sight' bracelet that you will put on and keep on, pausing only briefly to stop and admire the way it catches the light.

Crafted from 9ct yellow gold, the link features two circles ensconced between two bars of gold, and has a rather magnificent early integral tongue and groove clasp.

The clasp mechanism is extremely secure and further reassurance is offered by the safety clasp and chain built into the bracelet.

There is a partial and indistinct hallmark, which we believe to be Chester 1899, and we would conservatively date this piece to between then and the early 20th Century.

Material: 9ct yellow gold, hallmarked and tested

Weight: 8.6g

Length: 18cm / 7" long

Other dimensions: Links are 6.6mm wide