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Etruscan Revival Pearl Drop Earrings

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If you're a fan of Etruscan Revival jewellery then this pair of super wearable earrings might just be made for you.

These earrings date to the end of High Victorian period, circa 1870 and show off celebrated techniques of the time, primarily granulation with a flourish of cantinelle to the centre, to form a wheel motif.

The symbolism behind the wheel - frequently found in Roman and Greek jewellery - is debated, but we rather enjoy the theory that it symbolises the wheel charm than Iynx used to seduce Zeus - to depict passionate love.

We have had this pair re-equipped with modern 9ct gold earring hooks. The seemingly omitted granulation from the bottom (see 6 o'clock in images) and minor scratches to the reverse indicate to us that these earrings once formed part of a larger piece - there's one for the imagination!

The pearls are lustrous, well-matched and in perfect condition.

Material: 9ct gold and seed pearl

Weight: 3.2g

Dimensions: Diameter: 15mm