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Enigmatic Victorian Gold & Diamond Bangle

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This is an unusual and mysterious bangle with a long history - having been made in 1863.

Generously filled with details and delightful quirks, the engraved bangle has been expertly crafted and sports a swirling design of flowers and vines. The bangle tapers across the wrist, with excellent presence, measuring 11mm at its widest point.

Three diamonds are set into the bangle, and they are a curious trio. The central and smallest stone is a sparking and bright old-cut diamond with no inclusions visible to the unaided eye. It is flanked with two larger diamonds, with an unusual flat top and minimal crown (imagine yourself a round table cut). These diamonds are heavily included and we assume this deep contrast was to create this intentional 'salt and pepper' aesthetic.

Due to their settings it is impossible to accurately the total carat weight of these three stones, but we estimate 0.45 carats.

Delightfully, there is a hidden .375 hallmark hidden among the flowers and vines.

The clasp mechanism of the bangle works well, and you will enjoy the added security of its safety chain. This piece weighs 7.6g and is hollow. As you will see in the photos, this bangle has been worn and there is one sizeable ding to the side.

We have had the safety chain repaired, and added a bead of granulation where one was missing.

This is a truly unique bangle and if you fancy a bit of quirkiness in your jewellery box, you'd be hard pressed to find better.

Material: 9ct yellow gold, diamonds. Full hallmarks, Birminham 1863

Weight: 7.6g

Size: Circumference of bangle interior 17cm / 6.75 inches

Dimensions: Width of bangle at narrowest point: 4mm at widest point 11mm.