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Enigmatic Emerald Green Garnet Doublet Ring

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Bear with us, we know the listing title is a bit of a mouthful, let's break it down!

Let's start with the straight-forward bits - this antique ring is fully hallmarked for 1902 and features an ornate scrolled gallery in antique rose gold.

Those stones that look like emeralds? The ones that really reallllly look like emeralds? They aren't, instead their true nature is much more interesting than that.

These stones are doublets, in this case, garnet topped doublets. A doublet is essentially a composite stone made from two different organic or synthetic materials (most commonly seen in opals). In this case, slithers of garnet have been fixed to a paste base to create the illusion of emeralds.

The stones are studded by eight miniscule diamond chips.

TL;DR? The Edwardians really wanted pocket friendly emeralds, too.

At any rate this is an eye-catching ring, sure to spark conversations with gem your fellow enthusiasts.

The ring is presented in excellent antique condition with only minor nibbles to the doublets, visible only to the aided eye. There is a disruption to the tone of the rose gold where the head meets the band: this is not evidence of a re-shank but rather of its initial construction.

Materials: Garnet doublet, diamond chips (untested - too small) and 9ct rose gold

Hallmarks: Yes, full hallmarks for 1902

Size: O / 7.25

Weight: 2.7g