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The Piece London

Enamelled Clover Charm

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Did you know that all clovers are shamrocks, but not all shamrocks are clovers?

It’s true! A clover must have three leaves to be considered such. 

Thank you for shopping at The Piece where the botanical lessons come free of charge.

Back to regular programming - this piece is hallmarked for 1952 and features beautiful green enamel in very good vintage condition.

Clover is believed to ward away harm - so if you need a little extra protection in your charm collection, you know what to do.

The condition of this piece is very good, there is a minor chip to the enamel on the tip of the uppermost leaf on the right hand side - only visible under a loupe.

Materials: 9ct gold, enamel

Weight: 0.8g

Dimensions: 14mm wide, 13mm tall (not including jump ring). Jump ring diameter is 3.5mm