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Early 20th Century Garnet Riviere Necklace

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Riviere necklaces are a timeless wonder, worn and adored by fashion greats since their debut in the 18th Century.

This 19 stone example features nineteen oval garnets, set in open-back crimped collets, each formed fRon a generous amount of 15ct yellow gold.

The chain which they are suspended from is 9ct and not original to the piece, which we date to the early 20th Century C1930. The short length of 9ct chain cannot be seen from the front when worn (see photos).

The garnets are suspended from the upper half of each stone, meaning when worn the right way around, this piece doesn't flip.

Offered in excellent condition.

Material: 15ct gold and garnet, 9ct gold (weight of 9ct gold section approx 1.9g)

Weight: 20.81g

Length: 18" long

Other dimensions: central stone 10.5 x 8.4mm, outer stones 9.1 x 6.8mm