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Dreamy Antique Moonstone & Silver Bracelet

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This absolutely mesmerising moonstone bracelet hails from C1900 and combines top quality moonstones crowned within beautiful hand-crafted bezels with a timeless graduated cabochon design.

These magical moonstones are of stunning quality and feature the desirable blue adularescence so sought after in this gemstone. The stones range from transparent to semi-transparent, flashing their blue hues in the sunshine and emitting a calm glow in lower light settings. 

The graduated moonstones sit within a bracelet which is in itself of unique design and fastens with a hook which stays firmly on the wrist when worn.

A total of 11 moonstones make up this bracelet which means that if offers enviable wrist coverage. The nature of the long links minimises slippage and the stones sit nicely on top of the wrist whilst worn.

This bracelet is in lovely condition, however there is a substantial chip to one of the smallest moonstones on the end (pictured) which due to its location doesn’t detract from the beauty of this piece. There are minor surface scratches to the largest cabochon, only visible under bright sunlight. 

Materials: Moonstone and sterling silver

Weight: 13.8g

Dimensions: Largest moonstone: 12mm long by 8mm wide, smallest moonstone 8mm long by 4mm wide.

Length: 8 inches / 20cm