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Colour-pop! Boulder Opal Triplet Cluster Ring

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 This high-impact ring offers a fresh burst of purples, blues, oranges and greens.

The central stone is a boulder opal triplet. Boulder opal is precious opal that forms in thin sheets in cracks of rock - often rich in colour but too thin to survive alone. In these cases the stone is adhered to a black backing, and has a protective cabochon of a transparent material laid over the top.

This colourful stone is further enhanced by a halo of stones - which we believe to be zircons or white sapphires - which also run down the shoulders of this ring.

Modelled in 9ct gold and offered in very good condition, one small stone on the shank has been re-cemented by a previous owner. All stones are secure.

Materials: 9ct gold, opal triplet and colourless stones believed to be white sapphires or zircons (they are too small to test, but are a natural gemstone and are not diamonds)

Weight: 3.84g

Size: UK N.5 / US 7

Other dimensions: head of ring is 18.3 x 15.7mm