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The Piece London

Antique Yellow Gold Chain Ring - Size I.5-J.5 / 4.75-5.25

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This is the most beautiful yellow gold chain we have ever made chain rings from - and that is saying something.

The links are so tight that you can barely see your skin between them. Flexible and perfect as ever, and in a rarely found in antiques true yellow gold.

Every link is hallmarked and the ring can be worn with the hallmarks facing in or out. Due to the tightness of the links, when the hallmarks face out the ring fits slightly tighter (an I.5 / 4.75) and when they face in it is slightly larger (a J.5 / 5.25)

Material: 9ct yellow gold

Weight: 7.39g

Other dimensions: chain is 6.6mm wide and 3mm deep