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Chunky Antique Faceted Belcher Chain

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Chains are where a lot of us begin our love affairs with antique and vintage jewellery, and boy, does this one take us back to the start.

A chunky faceted belcher link with a nice and wide presence at 3.5mm thick.

You certainly can string a pendant along this chunky chain, but you really don't need to. It speaks for itself.

The 17" chain is a whopping 11.2g in weight and crafted from 9ct gold. We estimate this chain was made circa 1900.

This chain has been dipped in higher carat gold to give an even richer gold tone. This gold dip has worn away in certain areas, really only visible under a loupe, which adds to the lively patina of this piece.

Presented in very good antique condition.

Material: Solid 9ct yellow gold. This chain is not hallmarked but the gold has been tested.

Weight: 11.2g

Dimensions: Length: 17" / 43cm. Links are 3.5mm wide