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The Piece London

Bold Emerald Studded Buckle Ring - 1910

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If you've been looking for the perfect index, middle, or even thumb buckle ring then look no further.

This buckle ring has real substance, weighing in at just under 7g, and is (quite unusually) studded with two flat cut emeralds, which have a beautiful glow to them.

The buckle motif which endured the Victorian era signifies closeness to those we love, and perhaps, lost. These rings continued to evolve after the turn of the century when it became common to see the more 'modern' aesthetic demonstrated here, with smooth gold and punchy buckles.

Offered in very good antique condition; there are minor surface abrasions to the emeralds, not visible to the unaided eye.

Material: 9ct rosey gold and emeralds

Size: UK S / US 9

Dimensions: Band length 8mm (1cm at buckle)