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Bezel Peach Spinel Heart Pendant and Chain

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When we first laid eyes on this natural spinel we knew it had to become a perfect gemmy pendant for two reasons:

1) the colour is pure perfection - these peach tones are rare to find in natural stone and mimic the coveted padparadscha sapphire

2) it's a heart cut that's been done very well - also hard to find 

Actually, a third reason, we purchased it from the owner of a responsibly run, long established spinel mine in Burma which it was mined from.

We have opted to celebrate these two small miracles and set the stone simply, with a large jump ring, in 14ct yellow gold.

We have matched the pendant with a beautiful 9ct chain dating to the 1930s with a tag '9ct' hallmark. The cable link has beautiful shimmer and life when worn. If you would prefer to purchase the pendant without the chain, please use code 'nochain' at checkout to remove £100 from the purchase price.

Material: 14ct yellow gold and natural peach spinel, chain is 9ct yellow

Weight: pendant: 0.87g, chain: 2.14g

Dimensions: pendant is 6.5mm wide and 7.3mm tall, 4mm deep