The Piece London

Beautiful 18ct & Opal Ring


A chunky ring with a beautiful opal sitting to the centre - this piece is all about the softened geometry of the opal and the striking blue, purple and green tones it exudes.

The opal has a lively play of colour and is seated in a heavy (7.6g) setting of solid 18ct yellow gold, with hallmarks for 2003.

As the setting is closed back we cannot say with absolute certainty that this is a fully natural opal - it could have a backing to enhance its colour. However we see no signs that it isn't natural under strong magnification and light. There is one chip to the edge of the stone (see magnified image).

Both of the above considerations have been factored into the price, which is competitive for an opal ring of this quality!

Please note: some magnified photos may seem to show a gap between the opal and the setting, this is an illusion caused by the jewellers cement securing the stone, there are no open gaps.

Materials: 18ct yellow gold, opal

Weight: 7.64g

Size: UK R / US 8.5

This ring can be sized up or down three UK / 1.5 US sizes, please add ring resizing to your basket.