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'Di Ieri - Di Domani' Medal in 18ct by UnoAErre

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This medal expresses the sentiment 'I love you more today than yesterday, and less than tomorrow' and was brought to popularity by A Augis in the early 20th century. This trend resurged in the 1960s which is when this fine, Italian, iteration was likely made.

UnoAErre took on this enduring motif with their own characteristic flair, and have set a medal with the sentiment "+ Di ieri - Di domani" alongside a rose embellished with two rubies all on top of a delightfully textured heart.

This 18ct pendant has beautiful presence & sentimentality. We have added a new 18ct jump ring.

Offered in excellent vintage condition.

Materials: 18ct yellow gold, rubies (the stones are too small to determine if natural / synthetic)

Weight: 3.6g

Dimensions: 24mm wide, 24mm long, max depth (of rose) 5mm