The Piece London

Antique Rose Cut Diamond and Ruby Elephant


A true mini-marvel, this small but mighty elephant dating to C1900 is absolutely stunning.

Originally a brooch and converted by us to a pendant, the highly detailed elephant (just look at the saddle! and those tusks!) has been formed from 18ct yellow gold and silver.

The diamonds are all rose cuts and the rubies are natural and a deep yet vibrant pinkish red.

The craftmanship of this piece is truly exceptional, as evidenced by the goldwork to the reverse, allowing light through to each and every stone.

Offered in excellent condition, we have replaced one ruby that was missing from the saddle (the row closest to the head, second from top), the replacement stone is a perfect match and not noticeable.

Material: 18ct yellow gold, silver

Weight: 4.53g

Dimensions: 19mm wide, 13mm tall, 4.4mm deep