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Antique Niello Bracelet with XXL Bolt Ring

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Did someone say bolt ring? But extra large? And with extra edge?

Here you go then! This antique niello chain modelled in silver - but with some gilt links giving that two tone look - sports the funkiest bolt ring and dog clip duo you ever did see.

Niello is an ancient art form and surged in popularity in the late victorian period - we date this piece to 1890 - 1905 - and is created by applying an alloy mix to silver. It's much tougher than enamel and you can read more about it here.

Often these pieces can be worse for wear, but the niello is in near-perfect condition even in areas of wear such as the dog clasp.

On the longer side at 8.5", it can be worn as a large bracelet, a necklace extender, or if you wish to shorten the bolt ring can be fastened to an earlier link.

Material: Silver & silver gilt

Weight: 9.78g

Length: 8.5" long

Other dimensions: bolt ring is 18.5mm wide