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Antique Harlequin Festoon Necklace

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Not a piece you come across every day, this multi-gem harlequin festoon necklace plays host to a range of gorgeously autumnal gemstones, each set in 9ct gold.

We date this necklace to the very early 1900s and it is an eye-catching, elegant piece of jewellery. The gemstones and chain connecting them to one another is original to the piece, but the necklace and clasp is a more recent addition.

The full list of gemstones is detailed below, but they include many garnet varieties in deep orange, deep red and pink, yellow sapphire, andalusite, zircon, amethyst and citrine.

If you require a longer chain, please let us know and we can arrange that free of additional charge. This piece comes in - what we believe to be - its original box

Offered in good ant condition with minor nibbles to stones commensurate with age. There is wear to some settings, but all stones are secure.

Material: 9ct gold, gemstones as listed below

Weight: 9.76g

Length of chain: 14.75"

The gemstones (from outermost blue to outermost pink) are:

Almandine garnet
Yellow sapphire - with an almandine garnet drop
Hessonite garnet - with an andalusite drop
Amethyst (central stone) - with a zircon and citrine drop
Almandine garnet - with an amethyst drop
Amethyst - with a hessonite garnet drop
Hessonite garnet
Pyrope garnet