The Piece London

Antique Figaro Chain with Bolt Ring & Dog Clasp: 16.5"


This figaro chain came to us without clasps at the ends, presenting the opportunity to refurbish it with a coveted bolt ring and dog clasp combination from our collection of antique clasps.

After a good clean it has come up a beautiful antique yellow tone: a degree of warmth comes through compared to modern yellow gold, but this is not a rose gold. The clasps are well matched to the chain and it is a wearable 16.5" long.

There are no hallmarks to the chain links, however the clasps are hallmarked and the bolt ring has hallmarks for 1929. The bolt ring does not spring closed, rather slides and stays open or closed. Once manually shut, it remains shut.

As is the norm with antique chains, there are signs of wear to the links (shown in photographs) but there is a lot of life left in this piece.

Material: 9ct gold, links fully solid

Weight: 30.19g

Length: 16.5"

Other dimensions: links are 5.7-5.9mm wide