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Antique Austro-Hungarian Earrings

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These antique earrings are truly stunning and a fine example of austro-hungarian jewellery from the late 1800s.

The drop earrings still have their original hooks (with the same identifying hallmarks as elsewhere on the earrings) giving us confidence that these earrings are fully intact and in their original state.

The earrings are studded with an ornate flourish of emerald and rose cut diamonds and topped with a further emerald.

Modelled in solid gold, the earrings bear a dogs head hallmark with letters 'C' and '4' which allow us to pinpoint its creation to Prague. The hallmark specifically refers to 14ct gold, though these do test higher (around 18ct) which we attribute to a high carat bloom finish at the time of making.

Offered in very good antique condition, there is some inconsistency to the metal tone where the bloom has worn over time, as photographed.

Material: 14ct gold (yellow), emeralds (natural) and rose cut diamonds (natural)

Weight: 11.26g

Dimensions: 42.6mm drop, base oval is 20.5 x 17.1