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18ct Vintage Watch Shaker Locket with Garnet, Amethyst and Citrine

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Watchmaking is an art in and of itself, and we often find solidly built watch cases in the scrap pile, long devoid of their glass and watch mechanisms, at what should be the end of their life.

But with their mesmerisingly detailed inner cases and substantial build, it seems such a shame to loose these marvels, and so, these shaker lockets have been devised!

This 18ct watch case was made in Switzerland and has full Swiss hallmarks and makers mark for Junod & co. We have replaced the original glass with toughened watch glass and filled with an autumnal array of garnets, amethysts & citrines.

Material: 18ct yellow gold, watch glass, citrines, amethyst and garnets

Weight: 3.9g

Dimensions: diameter 20.09mm, depth 5.8mm